Pile foundation and Pile Testing Services provider
Pile foundation and Pile Testing Services provider


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Our expertness can be found in complete construction and development works. Pile foundation used for buildings & structures; develop roads, dams, bridges and others. Customers can acquire our services for the growth of Pile Foundation. Piles foundations are available in a variety of dimensions, shapes, and materials that allow a particular type of Pile base to be practical both economically and structurally. Pile Foundation is a one of the strongest foundations, and is required in case of smooth or clayey type of soils. Pile foundations help in holding and shifting the burden of the structure/building to the bearing ground. The bearing ground is located at more depth below ground surface. We provide Pile Foundation service for buildings & structures, roads, dams, bridges and others. Pile foundations help in holding and transferring the load of the structure/building to the bearing ground. The bearing ground is located at more depth below ground surface.

Pile Foundation / Piling Foundation / Deep Foundation

Pile Foundation


About Pile foundation

Pile foundation is a type of which is preferred in case of encounter of upper soil strata of lower bearing capacity. In order to transfer the loads of the super structure to a stratum of high bearing capacity deep below the ground such as rock strata pile foundation is used. They are used in case soft/Salty/clayey type of soils.

Pile foundation is the type of foundation in which thin columns’ are constructed to bear the load of super structure uniformly. It is preferred in construction in which it is very difficult to transfer the load of walls to the strata; pile foundation is one of the best foundations. Basically it carries the load from the structure and distributed uniformly to the ground. Especially in seashore side it resists the uneven settlement in structure.

As in such case of soils going for normal foundations may not be possible either from economical point of view or may not be possible at all in case you want to construct near seashore etc., these are the foundations which transfer load to greater depths, where there is strong strata / load reaching that point is minimal. These are pipe shaped; we have different types of pile foundations.


Our Team for Pile Foundations Services

Grimtech - Pile Foundation expert, is committed to expanding our knowledge and experience in safety, quality, and job execution, through our comprehensive safety program for pile foundation design and piles testing projects, we have an extensive fleet of well-maintained cranes, drill rigs, and associated pile driving & Piles testing equipment are thoroughly maintained, and we continue to extend our dedication to safety continue to help our clients meet their pile foundation project goals year after year.

Our Pile Foundation professionals deliver the onsite services including the supervision of entire work, project management, and consultancy in planning, designing and complete execution. Owing to our strategic and most sincere approach towards each project, we have successfully completed numerous projects for corporate and industry giants.


Uses of Pile Foundations

Piles Foundation are long and slender members which transfer the load to deeper soil or rock of high bearing capacity avoiding shallow soil of low bearing capacity the main types of materials used for piles are Wood, steel and concrete. Piles made from these materials are driven, drilled or jacked into the ground and connected to pile caps. Depending upon type of soil, pile material and load transmitting characteristic piles are classified accordingly. Pile is also used for tall structures. In pile foundation load coming from the super structure is taken by pile cap and equally distributed in no of piles. Pile transfers this load in to the soil.

A pile is a type of foundation commonly used in property construction. Piles foundations are used as a substitute for other foundation methods when earth around the property isn’t strong enough to support conventional foundations. Piles are used to stack up more layers of soil and keep them walled in, providing a firmer base. Pile foundations are used to support marine structures and offshore platforms, since they are located over bodies of water. On land, pile foundations are used primarily in locations where poor soil conditions exist.


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Quality is the main motive of our organization. We have employed highly qualified professionals to carry out these services efficiently and in the specified time period. Our team endeavors hard to maintain the standard industry norms and have achieved remarkable position in the market. The team of the quality testers monitors every stage of the organizational activities. The quality testers adopt various parameters to check the quality of our services.

Our working parameters are mentioned below:

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